QUSARDAN is a brand of 100% organic meat and dairy products. In Qusar, one of the most ecologically clean regions of Azerbaijan, we produce more than 30 varieties of cheeses, including world-famous cheeses with ancient Italian traditions and new generation technologies. Our cheeses are made on our farm only from the milk of cows fed on natural grass, which has no additives.


QUSARDAN cheeses are made only from pasteurized milk of our cows fed on natural grass. Italian technology is used in the production process. No chemical additives are added to the products.


QUSARDAN natural butter is obtained only from the milk of our grass-fed and specially cared for cows. We make high quality butter from cream made from pasteurized milk.


Our keto ice creams are made from pasteurized cow"s milk, natural cream and farm eggs. It also contains a natural flavor and sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the stevia plant.


The composition of meat products from QUSARDAN is completely organic. Our sausages, hot dogs and sausages are made from the meat of healthy cows and farm chickens on our farm. The products contain natural butter, olive oil, garlic and spices.


Organic food is becoming a necessity in a rapidly globalizing world. The main factors that increase the value of a natural product are the fact that its production is beneficial to the environment and its use to human health. 100% organic meat and dairy products of the national brand QUSARDAN are also prepared without the use of chemical additives. Our varieties are pesticide-free, herbicide-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and GMO-free. Our company strictly adheres to the criteria required for the organicity of meat and dairy products. On our farm, the animals are fed only natural food, antibiotics and medicines are not used to prevent diseases. In addition to using natural methods for their healthy nutrition, our employees pay attention to the cleanliness of storage facilities and pastures. Great importance is attached to the access of animals to the open air. Organic foods contain high levels of beneficial antioxidants and low levels of harmful substances. Consumption of these products is very useful in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, vision problems and premature aging. Natural foods increase the body"s resistance to cancer and prevent some infections. It also removes toxins and protects the structure of cells and tissues. Organic products have long been popular in Western countries and are gradually appearing in stores in our country. One of them is 100% organic meat and dairy products from QUSARDAN, which we fully guarantee its organicity.