Qusardan Meat


Basturma has gone down in history as a traditional food of nomads - Turks and Mongols. It is said that this product was first made by the Huns from horse meat. The "Basturma" variety of Qusardan is obtained from beef. Its natural spices make it even more delicious.

Salami Neopaletano

Salami is a stiff sausage. Although the name of the produc is of Italian origin, different European contries have their own traditional "Salami" varieties. Modern foreign technology is also used in the production of this range offered by Qusardan. The sausage consists of beef, turkey, lamb and spices


Sujuk is a traditional type of sausage of the Turkic, Balkan and Middle Eastern poeples. This meat product has gained popularity since the Ottoman period. The main advantage of the sausages we offer is that they are organic. A mixture of beef and lamb makes the product even more delicious with different spices

Beef Fume

Beef Fume - means smoked meat. The process of smoking various meat products has been a tradition since ancient times. This is a method that allows the meat to be stored in good quality for a long time. The "Beef Fume" range of the "Qusardan" brand is made of beef, Himalayan salt, chilli, paprika and ginger

Dairy Sausage

It is enough to taste Qusardan dairy sausage once to make it a permanent dish of your table. It is no coincidence that there is a high demand for this product, which is distinguished by its delicious taste and charming aroma. Our range of dairy sausages is very rich. These include veal, chicken fillet, milk, butter, garlic, eggs, coconut, ginger, chilli, coriander seeds and cardamom

Milk Sausage

Qusardan milk sausage offers an excellent type of sausage. The composition of this produce using modern technologies, consists of beef, chicken fillet, milk, butter, eggs, coconut, ginger, chilli


Cervelat is produces in Europe mainly in Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy. The recipe and method of preparation of the sausage varies by region. Beef, turkey, chicken fillet and lamb are used to obtain Cervelat from Qusar. Also high quality spices are added.


Chorizo is a classic of Spanish sausage. It is no coincidence that the Spaniards, like Flamengo, consider this meat product a national treasure. Chorizo sausages from Qusardan are made according to a traditional Spanish recipe. The product contains veal, chicken fillet, olive oil and spices


Maestro is a different flavor. You will be amazed by the taste of beef and coconut. In addition, the quality of spices, pepper and cumin added to this product makes it even more charming


This product is named after the Italian city of Milan, where it was first made. Beef, lamb and spices are used in the production of Qusardan"s Milano sausage. The main advantage of the foods we offer is that they are 100% organic. The cheese goes well with aged red wines. It can be served with hot breads, lavash and pastries.


This sausage is named after the Polish city of Krakow. The variety of Krakow is in great demand, especially in Central Europe. The excellent Krakow brand, which we make from organic products, is distinguished by a speacial aroma. Beef, turkey, lamb and spices are used in the production of the sausage. If you want to remember the same wonderful taste that you remember from your childhood, try "Qusardan" sausages


This type of sausage of Spanish origin was previously used more in Catalonia. However, it is already widespread in European cuisine. "Fuet" means "whip" in Catalan - it gets its name from its shape. The range we offer consists of veal, lamb and spices